Washingtonian dating diaries

05 Jul

Whether your version of hiking is taking a walk around Green Lake, or trudging through snow on your way to Mailbox Peak, there is something for everyone.Maybe that is why when I travel I opt for tropical beaches with lots of sunshine. Many people have never even heard of Washington State, a point that makes me a very sad bear.*sigh* The Seahawks are awesome, and you can’t visit Washington without seeing the Space Needle! For some reason, though, if I say I am from Seattle, I see that gleam of recognition in their eyes ( I blame you, .) I have been to DC and the two states couldn’t be any more different.I am honestly amazed by where I live every single day.When I come back from a long trip, I just appreciate it even more.

Every Washingtonian knows how to order coffee a variety of ways and can tell the difference between “bad” coffee and “good” coffee.After working in a restaurant in downtown Seattle, I have found this last point to especially be the case.Washington is already making a shift toward relying on wind and solar energy instead of fossil fuels.Every little bit helps to make our state and world a better place for everyone!People will ask you where you get your beans and if they are organic.And who could blame Washingtonians for this obsession?Eastern Washington is more politically conservative than Western Washington as well.

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