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And a TV source told the Mail that Vernon’s show will get a massive promotion during the finale of Dancing With The Stars – the US version of Strictly Come Dancing – on Monday where it will cut live to Vernon in the Skating With The Stars studio.

This picture was taken in North China, 1901He was restored to active duty following the outbreak of World War One in 1914, once again rising through the ranks as a General Staff Officer One with the rank of colonel.

Kell remained in his post as head of MI5 until June 10th 1940 when Winston Churchill dismissed him after 30 years in the role.

Born in Great Yarmouth, Kent, in 1873Graduated from Sandhurst in 1894 and was commisioned into the South Staffordshire Regiment After serving overseas, Kell was employed to analyse German intelligence at the War Office until 1906In 1909, he was chosen as one of two officers to head the Secret Service Bureau, which had just been formed following rising fears of German espionage These were split into two sections - Kell headed the domestic matters and Mansfield Smith-Cumming headed overseas.

These departments were called Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service respectively and would later become MI5 and MI6 During his service he learned to speak German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian and Chinese During the First World War he focused primarily on espionage efforts of the Hindu-German Conspiracy, groups attempting Pan-Indian rebellion against the British Kell received an honorary promotion to major-general on 27 September 1939, just as MI5 got a huge funding boost when the Second World War broke out He was knighted shortly before his death in 1942 Some of the other members of Kell's (third from right) regiment - Others, from left to right, are Captain Lee, Sir Sidney Barton, Colonel Dorward, Admiral George Holmes Borrett and Colonel Menzies.

The secret family life of MI5 founder Sir Vernon Kell has been revealed in a book by his wife that is being published 80 years after it was written.