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04 Mar

(Guys also need to stop chasing jailbait on Ok Cupid, but that’s a different matter.) Messages should have non-standard salutations. Some of the findings are obvious, but other results are far more unexpected.

[In addition to offline dating,] they are just going to have their Ok Cupid presence. Art Garfunkel, I mean Malcolm Gladwell, always bangs on about the capitalization of talent — or how well we use the potential talent pool.

You could be at a bar and be on Ok Cupid at the same time.” That last little bit is pretty doublethink, but maybe it makes sense. Perhaps online dating is simply a better way of finding your fish, just in a bigger sea.

“Headless horsemen,” they jokingly call them on the blog.

Again Sam reassures me that it’s not all doom and gloom.

But I want to take a step back and look at the bigger picture with Sam. ” “I think sole reliance on serendipity is more or else in the past,” Sam responds.“Dating shouldn’t be too different from any other aspect of your life where the web has become a factor.The team would then classify users based on whether or not they look at the camera, and see which group got more replies. Well, a profile picture with the subject holding booze is a shortcut to rejection alley.In terms of eye contact, girls should always look at the camera.You would never say I only shop at and refuse to walk into Shaws, or I only use e-mail and refuse to send a card.People are using digital when it makes sense and using offline when it makes sense.

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