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As of 2015 The methods for execution at San Quentin have changed over time. Between 18, 215 people were executed at San Quentin by hanging, after which 196 prisoners died in the gas chamber.Some wanted to know something about each individual's personality while others simply wanted to put faces to them names of people who showed they had not been forgotten Autumn leaves: David, who was kept in solitary at Tamms made this simple request: 'I'd very much appreciate any photos of fallen autumn leaves.I have no particular preference of area or location; just any scene focusing on the beauty of autumn leaves, (which, as you know, we do not have access to in the concrete box that is deemed as 'yard' here) The men's requests, many of whom were death row prisoners before Illinois' abolition of the penalty in 2011, included photos of the neighborhoods where they had grown up and images of themselves to be given to their families.Relying on humor: One unnamed inmate wrote: 'Trash can rolling down hill!At 66 yrs of age I try to use a little humor: I want a picture of a trash can with the lid half off on and 2 eyes peeking out of the half open lid as the trash can is rolling down the hill toward an incinerator with the caption: 'I seem to be picking up speed! ' Imagine a different life: Some prisoners request pictures of themselves to give to their families using Department of Correction shots.

He was executed at San Quentin's gas chamber on December 10, 1948.

Though numerous towns and localities in the area are named after Roman Catholic saints, and "San Quentín" is Spanish for "Saint Quentin", the prison was not named after the saint.

Lawrence Singleton, who raped a teenaged girl and cut off her forearms, spent a year on parole in a trailer on the grounds of San Quentin between 19 because towns in California would not accept him as a parolee.