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22 Dec

FMC Devens, which was a former military facility for nearby Fort Devens, houses inmates of all security levels, but specializes in prisoners with medical conditions and sex offenders, and is considered a relatively pleasant assignment as far as federal prisons go.It offers a number of recreational activities, including Weiner's favorite sport – hockey – as well as a hobby craft shop, a music practice room and cooking classes. is currently serving out a 70-month sentence at Devens after he pleaded guilty in 2015 to embezzling federal funds.Weiner won't be the only ex-politician at the facility. The prison is also home to Hillary Clinton donor Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of Galleon Group, who was sentenced to 11 years for a million insider trading scheme in 2009.Participants are not allowed to possess suggestive, nude or partially nude pictures – including cut-outs from magazines and drawings.They are not allowed to have sex paraphernalia or materials that are suggestive of sexual violence.

The federal joint will even have a tasty lineup for Veteran's Day, offering eggs, home fried potatoes and creamed beef biscuits for a breakfast for dinner special.The scandal played an unexpected role in the presidential election one month later, as federal investigators looked into the case.He will then receive medical and mental health examinations and be placed in 'dormitory'-like housing to attend a four-week orientation program.Weiner is currently being divorced by his wife Huma Abedin, who is a top aide to Hillary Clinton.It was a former military facility for nearby Fort Devens and houses inmates of all security levels.