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31 Jan

The dedicated conservation team are committed to the preservation of these elusive creatures by rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild.It is the ultimate wildlife programme, where volunteers get the opportunity to enjoy hands-on involvement and a rich education in Conservation Management.If you have a real passion for animals and the conservation of endangered species then this is the programme for you.Each group will have an outdoor volunteer coordinator as a leader and mentor.An indoor coordinator is on hand to ensure you are comfortable in the accommodation, get familiar with your surrounding and be a contact point if you need anything on the programme during your time with us.

At weekends if volunteers choose to head back into Port Elizabeth then transfers in both directions do run complimentary at fixed times from the reserve with no additional costs.So it is a busy yet highly rewarding and exciting programme from start to finish.The centre is also used for breeding as some of these predators are faced with extinction.For example, the wild dog is one of South Africa’s most highly endangered mammal.