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02 Jul

Of the 378 responses, 74% of young people aged 11 – 18 felt that pornography should be addressed in sex education.

They carried samples in brown evidence bags out of the bushes in the cordoned off field next to a footbridge over a stream.

It is believed the victim may have passed over it as there was a second cordon on the other side.

“In respect of the findings that Ms Sharanjit Kaur failed to report the matter in a timely fashion, we note that the panel found that she had recently received child protection training and that the school’s child protection policy and safeguarding policy makes clear that staff members should immediately raise any concerns they have about a young person with the school’s designated safeguarding lead.

"Ms Kaur was suspended as soon as the allegations against her came to light and was later dismissed.

The school launched an investigation which has led to the misconduct panel findings.She admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a pupil at a disciplinary meeting and was dismissed from the school.Detective Chief Inspector Simon Steel of TVP Major Crime Unit, said: 'This happened in what would have been a very busy area at this time of the day and I appeal to anybody who was in that area..saw an incident which matches the above report to call police immediately.As a school in Ipswich recruits a proof reader to check for mistakes in teachers' reports to parents, we look through some of the school reports submitted to the Telegraph's letters pages over the years which meant exactly what they said.Among other things, she also admitted inviting him and allowing him into her home, contacting him on the phone and on social media and telling him not to discuss their relationship with anyone.