Other names for speed dating

16 Sep

The idea being that partners could talk to each other about skills and techniques that they were interested in learning about for their future work and that may build useful collaborations.

Co-authorship network has a long delay to in depth scientific discussion, thus we sent a survey to participants to build their network. Overall, we were very satisfied with how the meeting went.

Every scientist loves talking about their work, so once you get them to sit down and to start talking to each other, they always have a great time.

I'll let you know the moment the date of the girls' weddings is set.

You'll be so good, my dear, as to remember, that the date of your last letter to me was the 9th.

At the conference there were two sets of rules used to create ten dates for each person.For the first five dates, it was about meeting people you’ve never met before and explanding academic horizons.The idea behind this meeting was to strengthen the research field of cell polarity by allowing some of the main players to get together in a more ‘intimate’ environment to share knowledge and ideas. Now, bearing in mind that this conference is being organised by a collection of scientists with an interest in using computers to solve large scale biological problems, that your group of scientists don’t easily divide into two equal groups and that your organisers are all pretty much a massive collection of bio-computing nerds.This is all great, but how do you go about encouraging people to meet new people and not to just catch up with collaborators? It would, of course, be far too easy to follow a standard speed dating paradigm.This was a way of breaking the universal cliquishness that sometimes plagues scientific meetings, where people sometimes just talk to friends/collaborators.I do think we need to come up with a better name, because 'scientific speed dating' conjures up very awkward mental images.

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