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20 Feb

It should have been a traumatic incident for a child however Vanessa said she enjoyed watching them.The extreme treatments however somehow works and Vanessa is sent home in a catatonic state with no one knowing how to fix her.Peter stops by for one last visit before going to Africa, with Mina long gone.Late at night on the eve of Mina's wedding Vanessa seduces Branson and has sex with him.They're caught in the act by Mina who looks dead into Vanessa's eyes as she is having sex with her fiance, ending the engagement and friendship all at once.

When Vanessa was a child she was best friends with Sir Malcolm's children Mina and Peter.

Their families grow up close, with the three kids being the best of friends.

The first episode of our new series features relationship therapist Dr.

Kimberly, who offers tips for dialing back in to your relationship and reconnecting with your partner.

Vanessa recalls her past and the events that ultimately lead to Mina's disappearance.

Vanessa writes a letter that will never be mailed to her missing friend Mina.

The idea of losing her best friend to a man who might move her away proved to be simply too much for Vanessa to handle.