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20 Feb

The two suspects may have been using gay chat sites to target their victims, both of whom were Asian males.

Men are resorting to drastic measures to live up to an unrealistic body-image ideal, with pornography fuelling their desire for perfection.

Gay men especially are vulnerable to body dissatisfaction which can bring with it a psychological disorder called muscle dysmorphia — the flipside of anorexia — a condition characterised by obsessive worrying over a perceived small body.

The hypothesis of the survey included the distinction between amateur pornography with more "regular people" to more professional pornography characterised by unrealistic bodies."The strength of that relationship [between anabolic steroid use and pornography] is stronger if you're watching more professional than amateur pornography," Dr Griffiths said.

He said the pressure was greater in the gay male community as it was widely acknowledged appearance and bodily standards were of more importance compared to the heterosexual community.

But he also discovered a new kind of stress — the pressure in the male, gay community to look a certain way. For the past three to four years he has upped the ante in his weightlifting regime, including a six-month stint a year ago injecting prescribed anabolic steroids."I went to that extreme of paying five to six hundred dollars for a four to five-week cycle and injecting myself, or getting my partner to inject me, to help gain mass and be who I wanted to be," he said."No matter how many times people say, 'You look amazing, you look pumped' — it's still in my head that I'm that skinny person."While Paul's weight increased so did his confidence, but steroid use came with a cost.

Under the supervision of a clinical doctor, a cocktail of drugs was also injected as a precaution to counter the physiological side effects, such as lack of testosterone production and a build-up of estrogen.

He admits to watching amateur gay porn every day when he was younger, and said he struggled to look at himself in the mirror.

When he finally came out in his late 20s after years of suppressing his identity because of his strict Greek background, he found it liberating.

Research shows that users of Australia's most commonly injected drug — anabolic steroids — often showed signs of muscle dysmorphia.

Dr Scott Griffiths, an early career fellow from the National Health and Medical Research Council, said while not all steroid users had a psychological disorder, it was definitely a "red flag" for the screening of muscle dysmorphia.

Since then we don't know where he is.' Ritchie said An Vinh Nguyen was reported missing by his family on April 1. Detectives have not determined a motive for either crime and have not ruled out whether they were targeted due to their sexuality.

He said they could possibly be dealing with serial killers.

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