Garrel dating

04 Feb

He was a very new age prince, and wanted to make a careful decision choosing not only the woman that he liked most, but also the one who liked him most. First off, it can tell you what other people think of you.

” To which the mirror responded, “She has been known to comment on the size of your nose.

She wishes it was smaller.” The young prince did not want people to criticize his face. Everything went very well, but he was eager to go on his second date. “Mirror, does the second girl think that I am physically attractive?

She was a stunning beauty and very enticing to speak with.

“This is the girl that I will ask to marry me.” The prince thought to himself. I simply said there is nothing physically the girl wishes to change.

He thought princes should have perfect faces and instantly got the best surgeon around to downsize his nose. ” The mirror thought for a second and quickly responded, “I can hear her commenting on how your ears stick out from your head.

In her mind the perfect man’s ears would sit in close to his head.” “No problem,” Imago thought.