Free portal live squirt chat

06 Apr

Live chat on your website allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers.What’s more, you also know who those visitors are: where they come from, what website they are on and, if they done business with you before, you can also know their names, what they bought previously and so on.This means that you can switch from the passive waiting until someone contacts you to actively engaging potential customers on your website, which is huge in terms of sales.CRM, Help Desk, Email, Project Management, Marketing, Social Media Increase your site functionality by quickly and seamlessly connecting to hundreds of third-party services like Salesforce, Hub Spot, SAP and Zendesk to name a few, with more added regularly.Whether your goals are boosting sales or customer satisfaction, conversations with real humans are the key to happy customers.

They both can be pretty fast, with phone allowing for real-time contact too.

What’s unique about live chat is the fact that you not only get to talk with people on your website but you also see who is on your website.

So make sure to ask your admin to choose Chat Portal as your chat system!!

To add a Live Chat button from Snap Engage to your portal follow these steps below: 1.