Ekspres sex

29 Mar

Massage parlors, karaoke clubs, mahjong game rooms, and hair salons are all common sites for commercial sex.I found that the term “sex worker” was mostly used by academics pushing to legalize the industry.Many academics feel that it’s important to respect this community by using a term that classifies what they do as a profession.There has always more or less been this attitude of having one eye open and one eye closed.People don’t think it’s absolutely corrupt or immoral, but they also can’t entirely accept it. For young people, their growing openness to sexuality might mean that the overall environment is a little easier, comparatively.

Ding Yu is an associate professor of sociology and social work at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, and she has spent more than 10 years researching the lives of female sex workers in the dynamic and developed Pearl River Delta region, where the university is based.

Covering Macau, Hong Kong, and the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta is now the world’s largest urban area in terms of both size and population.

They might emphasize that it’s a kind of dating or even a hookup. Ding Yu: I think there’s been very little change in mainstream perception over the decades.

It’s more part of the culture of casual sex than a business transaction. It’s not that people opposed it in the past and accept it now.

They know other women from their hometowns who are factory laborers, and there are plenty of media reports that show how it is tedious, repetitive, and arduous, how the worker is treated like a machine.

They know you’re stuck in dorm accommodation, far from the city center, producing luxury items you can’t afford to buy yourself.

Both in China and overseas, academic research on sex work often focuses on law and morality, with plenty of pages devoted to arguing for either the decriminalization or the eradication of the industry.