Dealing with hpv and dating usher ciara dating

21 Jun

When I consulted with the new doctor, I asked her if the LEEP would affect my ability to have children -- we were talking about my cervix, after all.Both my regular doctor and the specialist had explained to me that I might have to have one depending on my results, so I was already familiar with what would be involved.Basically, a LEEP involves a doctor using a tiny, charged tube to burn off the problematic part of your cervix.I also learned that, despite the awareness of HPV generated by the Gardasil campaign and other cervical cancer education initiatives, there was still a remarkable amount of misinformation circulating among the general public.When I had the colposcopy, I'd told my boyfriend what was going on, mostly because I wanted him to know that I was having a non-routine medical procedure and we wouldn't be able to have sex for a while. " I was disappointed that he was so ignorant of the virus, but I understood that having your partner tell you they have a sexually transmitted anything is unsettling.

A few years ago, my gynecologist left me a voicemail telling me to call her back.I had recently had my annual exam, but my doctor had given me results via voicemail before. My gynecologist is never judgmental and always calm -- two regrettably rare traits in women's medicine.I had by then turned 24 (it took about five months from my diagnosis to schedule and have all of these procedures), but I was certainly nowhere close to having kids.