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19 Feb

In addition, Brown signed up among others Marie Brenner, Gail Sheehy, Jesse Kornbluth, T. The magazine became a mix of celebrity and serious foreign and domestic reporting.

As an undergraduate, she wrote for Isis, the university's literary magazine, to which she contributed interviews with the journalist Auberon Waugh and the actor Dudley Moore.

Brown's sharp, witty prose led to her being published by the New Statesman while she was still an undergraduate at Oxford.

Her friendship with Waugh served as a boost to her writing career, as he used his influence to ensure that her ability was recognised. While still at Oxford, she won The Sunday Times National Student Drama Award for her one-act play Under the Bamboo Tree.

A subsequent play, Happy Yellow, in 1977 was mounted at the London fringe Bush Theatre and was later performed at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Tatler covered the emergence of Lady Diana Spencer, soon to become known as Diana, Princess of Wales.

Brown joined NBC's Tom Brokaw in running commentary for The Today Show on the royal wedding on July 29, 1981. In 1983, Brown was brought to New York by Newhouse to advise on Vanity Fair, a title that he had resurrected earlier that year.

The producer told her he was going to California for the trial of the strangler of his daughter.