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07 Jun

The temptation to wring as much money as possible out of an audience, often with strong emotional appeals, was too great for some evangelists.I had been drawing a salary from YFC (Youth for Christ) and turning all offerings from YFC meetings over to YFC committees, but my new independent efforts in citywide campaigns required separate finances.In Modesto we determined to do all we could to avoid financial abuses and to downplay the offering and depend as much as possible on money raised by the local committee in advance.If you don’t have a home computer the county library and our self-help center have computers that you can access.If you use the library you will have to take your own headphones.

Grow in Faith and Fall in Love ® at Catholic!In 1948, Billy Graham began a series of evangelistic meetings in Modesto, California, along with his ministry team, comprised of Cliff Barrows, George Beverly (“Bev”) Shea and Grady Wilson.