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30 Jul

We’d stay up late sharing stories of the past and goals for our future; we bonded over how much we actually had in common.And lastly, I couldn’t make sense as to why he felt ghosting me was a justifiable answer to the situation at hand.After four months, I didn’t deserve an explanation?Now I can’t speak for everyone, but my experience with online dating has been exactly that…online dating.Sure, there’ve been a few one-time meet ups here and there, but the mass majority of men I was in contact with had zero interest in breaking past the virtual realm.

Rule number two – I no longer accept any social media additions prior to an initial meet up. Which let’s face it, rarely happens if you allow them to scroll through every moment of your life for the past decade.

I’ve found that creating these limitations has quickly filtered out the a**h*les.

My patience wore thin, my heart was beginning to break, and Dan was proving to be exactly what I feared – a sham. He removed me from social media, he blocked my number, and he vanished into thin air as if he never even existed.

I told Dan he was getting one last chance to meet me in person, and if he didn’t follow through, I’d be gone. After four months of daily communication and intimate bonding, Dan was capable of vanishing and made sure to do it before I beat him to the punch. It took me a long time to get over Dan, partly because I had no closure.

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