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30 Jul

Anne looks forward to the arrival of the van Daans, the other family who will live with them in the annex.But this isn’t how to really love a man—or a woman for that matter.To decide to love a man who has never been truly loved is to understand that the going may be slow at times, because to do anything for the first time takes a bold sense of courage.It’s taught in the quiet, patient, uncomplicated moments that show him what he’s been missing by playing life safe from the sidelines.It’s languid interludes and pressure free nights of laughter and hot kisses—it’s letting what will be will be, knowing there is no reason to rush the secrets of our hearts.

In a comment added to this section several months later, however, Anne expresses how upset she is about not being able to go outside and that she is terrified that they will be discovered and shot.Anne begins to argue with her mother more frequently.